I was widowed young. I love kids. I want to have a dozen of them! Lucky me I get to keep two. A hopeless romantic who had loved and lost. I’m a slave to music, and gardening. I see food, reading, and writing as a perfect threesome. I enjoy Sunday sundaes. I would want to kiss and date again, though I also want to hold on to the amazing world of singledom. I wish to get my shape back. I do not wish to get the “old” me because I feel better, stronger, and happier now. I do have moments of the so-called widow fog and it’s terrible and sad. But I feel that drowning in misery once in awhile is important for happiness is nothing without sadness. I used to be scared and fearful but I now enjoy the silver lining in things. I am a school nurse and a teacher by profession and I love it as I am getting paid to get good laughs out of kids’ wits and unlimited free hugs. I am a rookie photographer and I love doing kid photography and taking macro shots of nature’s beauty. Would I want to have my life back? No. I do not intend to fill my life, or what’s left of it, with regrets. I want to stay on track and keep walking forward. Walk, and not run. I am taking life one day at a time. Life is beautiful. It is meant to be enjoyed and endured. For what it’s worth, I know destined to be a queen for I am a daughter of Heavenly Father. I am anxiously engaged in the truth I believe in. I am a Mormon. I choose to live it, love it, learn it and do it.