Part 1 – The Saddest Song

Most people enjoy warm arms and blankets on a chilly misty night but here I am, as stiff as an aged corpse, as cold as heartache, listening to the deafening silence of darkness. Staring at the eerie shadows of the night. Waiting. Missing. 

I tapped on play. Music. It caresses me like no other.  The melancholic rhythm of trance takes me into another world. A world filled of you. The black and white slowly fades away,  replaced with kaleidoscopic colors war dancing as my thought lingers on you. You, who relentlessly broke my walls down. You, who burned my raged spirit into ash. You, who stole whatever is left of my broken heart. Aimless. Defenseless. I followed you. You brought me into a world filled with light. You held my hand and placed it on your chest. I feel each beat as your heart played the saddest song. You took away what was left of mine to make yours whole.  Now we are one.  Together. Forever. 

Without you, I feel broke,
Like I’m half of a whole.
Without you, I’ve got no hand to hold.
Without you, I feel torn,
Like a sail in a storm
Without you, I’m just a sad song.


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