Let Me Begin Again

What is good about living is the limitless count of starting over again. President Gordon B. Hinckley, prophet and seer, once  affirmed that man only fails when he quits trying. So I am going to have this second take on my life. Sorrow lurks from the deepest part of me and it is NOT making me happy. Grief is devouring me. Envy is taking control of how I feel towards others. Regrets are swelling in my belly. It is no fun at all. So I decided to begin again. Easier and friendlier this time. I am befriending me. If no one seems to care for me, then I will love myself. The mind is the most powerful tool in the course of history. Allowing  it to dwell in pain and brokenness limits its capacity to grow even more beautiful. I am dictating my mind to start again. One take at a time. Survival mode if I must.

Today is day one. It  is 7: 36 a.m. and I’m  late. 😥 I will start correcting my meals today. Listen beyond words. And offer a hand.  Those shouldn’t  be too hard, eh? It’s like mastering  the “A” before  going  through all the letters in the alphabet. So,  today is my “A”.



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