Dear Love,

I miss you.

The memory of you came crashing tonight. The peace and quiet of the night made me feel you ever so near. I have been writing you love letters the whole time you were inside the academy. Cupcakes, cookies, and kiss-sealed letters. Tonight I write once again. 

I am finding my way back to where we were. I couldn’t find you in someone else’s. I will never be whole again. After all the anger, pain, and grief, all that’s left is me and you. There will always be me and you. I miss you. Terribly. This isn’t the happy ending we dreamed of. But it’s the beginning. 

You were gone. I was lost. I looked for you and found myself. Dear love, don’t you worry. Let me mourn in grief. These tears fuel the river of never -ending-us. Without you, I am broken, lost and torn. Forgive me. I do feel like a sad song.

I miss you. Again.


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